Fixed Teeth Options

Fixed  Teeth
(anchored to the implants)

     Option                                                              Fixed Teeth
(anchored to the implants)

 Professional                           All - on - Four                         Traditional / Staged                 
       Name                                   Procedure                                    Procedure                                    

     Implants                           Regular Implants                         Regular Implants
(see notes below)     

   Number of                                      4                                                  5 - 10

     Common                                    None                                        Bone Grafts                         
(see notes below)

      Loading                                Immediate                                    Immediate
      Options                                                                                              or
(see notes below)                                                                                            Delayed

    Treatment                            4 - 7 months                                4 - 18 months
(see notes below)

 Expected                        What can you simply say for each of these, or just say nothing?
 Length of

       Costs                                  $23 - 25,000                              $35,000-50,000    
(see notes below)


The table above assumes that the patient has already lost all of their teeth and is already wearing a full denture.


On Implants Used:

    1.  Mini-implants are not used to support fixed bridges
         They are only used to retain loose dentures

On Loading Options:

    Immediate-load Treatment:  (Immediate Function)
        -an option where a provisional (temporary) bridge is attached to the implants
the same day they 
         are installed in the patient's jaw.    

        -the use of this treatment is generally dependent upon the following 2 factors:

            -the presence of enough dense bone to support the implant bridge
            -the ability of the surgeon to firmly anchor the implants in the jaw bone

        -All-on-Four treatment, except for rare instances, is always an immediate-load procedure

        -the following names also refer to Immediate-load Treatment:

            -Teeth in an Hour        -Smile in a Day
            -Teeth in a Day            -Same Day Teeth

        -a permanent bridge is made 3-6 months later (after the provisional bridge is placed)

    Delayed treatment:  (Traditional / Staged Treatment)

        -an option where a provisional (temporary) bridge is attached to the implants after a healing
period of 3-6 months

        -this treatment is usually recommended for patients who need extended healing times
          for the following reasons:
                -patients with soft jaw bone  (osteoporosis)
                -patients who needed bone regeneration (bone grafts) prior to implant placement

        -a permanent bridge is made 3-6 months later (after the provisional bridge is placed)

On Common Additional Treatment:

1.  Bone grafts are frequently needed to regenerate bone to support additional implants.  In choosing a treatment, how many implants are needed for a successful result?  What does science say?.

On Complete Treatment Time:

1.  You should know that the treatment needed to replace all of a person's missing teeth is a process.  
      It does not occur overnight, or even in 1-hour.

     There will always be periods of time when the dentist, the surgeon, and the patient are waiting.....
     waiting for the bone, the gum tissue and the mouth to adapt before the next step in the process
     can begin.

2.  The times listed do not include the additional time needed for the following procedures:

xtractions:                                 add minimum 3 months

ne regeneration:                    add minimum 6 months
                 (bone grafts / sinus grafts)

      As you think about your treatment options, you should remember that the current condition of
      your mouth may require some additional procedures prior to implant treatment.

3.  Traditional implant treatment frequently requires bone regeneration (bone grafts, sinus grafts)
      prior to implant placement.  These procedures will add time to the overall process:

                Bone regeneration:                    add minimum 6 months
                 (bone grafts / sinus grafts)

4.  All-on-Four treatment does not require bone graft procedures.

     All-on-Four was developed to eliminate the additional cost, time, and complications associated
     with bone graft / sinus graft procedures.

     Please keep this in mind as you consider your treatment options


On Costs:

1. high variability for traditional implant treatment is primarily due to the following:

    -number of implants used to support the teeth
    -need for bone regeneration (bone / sinus grafts)
    -laboratory costs associated with the construction of the implant teeth

2.  Fees listed are for all treamtent needed to provide the patient with a complete set of teeth and include:

    -the dentist's fee: including all treamtnet needed to provide the patient with the provisional and permanent teeth
    -the surgeon's fee: including the placment of the implants and the permanent abutments
    -accessory fees:  3D-CAT scan, surgical and radiographic guides needed for the treatment

3.  the following procedures are not included in the fees listed and should be discussed with your dentist or surgeon is they are recommended:

        -bone regeneration  (bone grafts / sinus grafts)
        -iV sedation
        -Computer-guided implant surgery (
Guided Surgery)