"These teeth feel like my own. They are very comfortable. I no longer think about what I can eat, and I'm not afraid to laugh"
Natalie Ginsberg

"My new teeth are wonderful and I so appreciate your patience, expertise and caring. It's been a long journey but the end result has truly been worth waiting for. Thank you so much....for being you, and for the fine work you do each day. With love and gratitude."
Laurel Tompkins

"My teeth have been great. I eat anything I want and I taste my food so much better"
Bill Raso

"These teeth have given me a new life."
Margaret Deely

"People who are having dental work tell me I don't realize how lucky I am to have my own teeth. They don't realize these (my implant bridges) are not my real teeth. They look great, I feel great, I'm loving' it."
Anthony Kolb

"It's a miracle, one day you have no teeth and the next day you can chew again. Thank you for allowing me to chew again, and for giving me back my life."
Diane Ardberg

"I get so many compliments about my smile. And my friends don't realize they are not my real teeth."
June Starkman

Words are sometimes inadequate to express feeling. Over these past years, you have treated me with respect, dignity, professionalism and great care. You have spent many hours of time and talent planning what was best for me and my mouth. I want you to know how much I appreciate your thoughtful, gentle care and how much it means to me to have someone of your nature and talent caring for me. You will always have my deep gratitude and respect.
Jeannie Prochilo

"I just love my new teeth"
Julie Marchesella

"I wanted to come here because you gave my husband back his smile"

Mrs. Anthony Kolb

"My teeth are amazing. I can eat anything I want.....even walnuts"
Trudy Kuntz

"It's wonderful to have teeth. I can eat anything. I should have done this sooner."
Janet Viccora

"Dear Dr. Kobza, Debbie and Carol. Thank you all for your expertise, time, patience, kindness and support. You're the greatest.
Laurel Tompkins