Step Two:  Place the Implants

Two things must be done prior to the implant surgery to insure a successful result

Before the implants can be placed, two important things must be done

Two things will make the implant surgery successful

There are two important

Before the implant surgery, two important things must be done

To make the implant surgery successful...
two important things must be done

Before the implants are placed

Before the implants can be placed, your unhealthy teeth must be removed.






How is this part of the treatment completed?

The following steps assume that Step One has been completed and your are wearing a temporary bridge supported by natural teeth.


     1.  Remove the temporary bridge 





     2.  Remove the teeth that support the temporary bridge





     3.  Place the implants

           - a surgical guide would be used to safely and
             accurately place the implants


     4.  Connect a provisional implant bridge to the implants 

           - the bridge is connected to the implants later in the day,
usually just a few hours after the implants surgery


You wear the provisional implant bridge until it is time to make the permanent implant bridge


The last step: Make the implant bridge